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Keiger Direct offers many solutions for communicating with your customers on a personal and relevant level. Below is a list of our services offered. Follow the links or use the navigation to your left to view samples, demos and explanations of each.

  • LYNX
    • LYNX•Print - based on your database and known preferences of your clientele, send out mail with personalized imagery and messages
    • LYNX•Web - via a postcard or email, send prospects to a personalized website, e.g.,; view your campaign results on your Dashboard
    • LYNX•Blast - personalized emails with trackable links can initiate a campaign (an invite email) and/or be in response to a campaign (a thank you email)
    • LYNX•Unlimited - combo of any of the Keiger Direct services
  • Direct on Demand
    • with an easy to use web interface, send frequently ordered business files from your computer to Keiger to print and mail
    • order inventory/fulfillment items
    • view, download and share your images and files over a password-protected site
  • First Impression
    • immediately grabs your audience's attention - make 'em look!
    • makes a lasting impression
  • Call and Data Center
    • add a call center function to any campaign
    • let Keiger handle your data entry and data management needs
  • eVideo Marketing
    • record and add video to DVDs, your website, TV and/or web ads, emails or a personalized URL

If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us.

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